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Finish Bear After It Finished Unleashed Dog on Trail as Hiking

Canadian authorities have finished a 204-pound black bear after fatally striking a rampaging dog on a trail as the dog’s owners watched in horror.

Authorities called the brazen strike on the animal ‘very disturbing behavior.’

The horrific ordeal happened on Saturday when a couple and their two dogs visited Jasper National Park in Alberta and allowed the dogs to roam free.

When the not-known hikers and their dogs returned to the trailhead after the 4.8-mile hike along Wabasso Lake, a popular hiking trail in Jasper Park, they got closer to the bear.

One of the dogs tried to chase the bear off the trail, but the pursuit was quickly reversed when the animal went on the Rude.

One of the walkers tried to save his pet by spraying bear spray and then using the can to hit the wild animal. The bear still managed to transport the dog into the forest.

Park officials after confirmed that the dog had died. The bear was finished the next day by human-animal conflict specialists at Parks Canada, as its behavior was considered a threat to public safety and a risk to park visitors.’

Park officials said finishing a bear was a last resort, and Parks Canada was considering intimidation first to deter bears, especially in densely populated areas, and would capture and relocate the animals.

But in this matter, the officials had to apply extreme measures.

During this unusual and disturbing experience, the large male bear weighing more than 200 pounds, who was not wearing identification plates indicating past interactions with Parks Canada staff, showed no fear or reaction to bear spray or blows.

This atypical behavior suggests a very accustomed bear and increases the likelihood of other negative interactions.

Officials expressed their sympathy to the dog owners and issued a statement.

“Our condolences go out to the pet owners who were involved in this incident,” they wrote. It is a sad reminder that all pets in a national park must be checked and kept on a leash at all times.’

The park welcomed more than 2.1 million visitors in 2021, certainly a top priority, according to Parks Canada.

They encourage those who are on a trail to be aware and offer additional tips when hiking, including the constant leash of pets.

In addition, to travel in a group and make noise. Wear bear spray, know how to use it and always pay attention to the environment and report unusual bear behavior.

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