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Rare Albino Echidna Named Raffie Is Found Roaming

One of Australia’s least-seen marsupials has been discovered – but locals have been warned to stay away.

The Bathurst Regional Council, which sits in the central west of New South Wales, has released photos of a snow-white albino echidna experienced by a member of staff.

“We thought it was simply too beautiful not to be shared, and particularly rare with only a handful of mammals ever spotted in Australia,” the council wrote in the Post.

The Council christened the unusual animal “Raffie”, but warned admirers not to get too close.

‘If you see Raffie outside, feel free to take a few shots, but don’t approach him, touch him or try to contain him,’ the message reads.

It is important to leave the wildlife alone, as you could risk losing their scent or leaving the young in the burrow unattended.’

The council keeps the last known location of the Echidna secret so that she can enjoy some privacy.

Geoff Hadley told The ABC he saw Raffie on a street and decided to help him get to safety.

“I thought he was originally hit by a car because it just didn’t feel right,” he said.

Mr Hadley said it was an “out of this world” and unique experience.

John Grant, a spokesman for the wildlife rescue organization WIRES, said albino echidnas are very rare, but rarely seen because they are nocturnal. .

“They’re not common, that’s for sure,” he said.

We sometimes have rare wallabies that you will see, they are albino [and] I know last year we had an albino Kookaburra which was quite rare.’

Raffie has certainly proven to be a hit online, and many people have commented on how “handsome”, “special” and “awesome” he is under the board position.

One person wrote that they have a Raffie lookalike as a tenant.

“We have a blonde on our property (NW Tasmania). So cute,” the commenter said.

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