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The Offer of Rhinos Could Lift Protection Endeavors

The Rhinos are in trouble. Poaching has decimated their numbers in the wild, and only about 22,000 Rhinos remain across Africa. Enter John Hume, a South African entrepreneur who launched a huge rhino breeding farm 15 years ago to action poaching. Hume aimed to create a sustainable horn trade, with a lawful supply of farms […]

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Honey Creation Improves Snow Panther Protection in Kyrgyzstan

“I was only 9 years old when I first saw a snow leopard with my father. It was a forest ranger who took issue animals found in the mountains to the veterinarian,” says Asanbek Sasukilov, 62, a beekeeper and shepherd. “I sat down by the cage. Suddenly the snow leopard started roaring and I ran […]